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Moving Forward

2015-02-01 00:40:09 by FeignCalm

It's been just over half a year since I've started on NG, and I've already gained status amongst the audio community. Just wanted to say thank you to the hundreds of people that have been able to listen to and give constructive feedback on my music.

- Feign Calm


2014-06-30 17:19:14 by FeignCalm

I have come to announce that I am now scouted to join the Audio Portal! Hopefully my tracks will get more exposure this way! A great boost to my producing! Thanks guys.

Hello world!

2014-06-24 08:07:24 by FeignCalm

A brand new start to my NG page! I've been using the site for a while, but I've just made an accont so I can submit some audio! Yes, audio. I have been producing drum and bass for about two years now, and now am using Newgrounds as a port to get more exposure. Anyway, I hope you all like my submissions!